Let's Talk Dirt

Soil Types

Various soil types: Reds mostly planted on Hutton/Oakleaf soils Sauvignon blanc (GVS) – soils have evolved from decomposed Cape Granite and range from deep well drained clay loam to gravelly and sandy duplex soils positioned on clay Sauvignon blanc (Pledge)– each parcel showcases true terroir of specific region each with a unique soil type

Altitude: varies from 600 – 1200m above sea level Trained vineyard  management staff with many years experience  Viticulturist with more than 10years experience in different region in Western Cape.

Soil Matters

Grand Domaine is situated at the top of beautiful Devon Valley, overlooking the majestic Stellenbosch mountains. Devon Valley is one of Stellenbosch’s best-kept secrets, both scenically and viticulturally. Vines have flourished here since the 18th century and it has an enviable reputation, not only for the red wines that have been made here, but also as a source of premium grapes.

Demarcated in 1997- within the Stellenbosch Wine of Origin - it runs north/south and lies to the west and alongside the village of Stellenbosch. Through it runs a tiny river, the Veldwachtersrivier, or Shepherds Creek, which joins up with the Eerste Rivier (First River). The valley is open to the south and demarcated by low hills on the other sides.


Dripper irrigation and dry land


Considered clonal selection for the newly replanted vineyards. As we move forward, our aim is to recognise why some ancient practices, like Massal Selection,  work and what we can do to keep them alive. Massal Selection isn’t easy, but the long term benefit is a vineyard unique to its terroir, and that is our dream.

We source small parcels of Sauvignon Blanc in carefully selected wine regions of the Western Cape. We favour vines that  are reproduced in their original location from exceptional vines. Again looking to Massal Selection to optimise expression of terroir which is of particular importance for our The Pledge.


Le Grand Domaine has 10.69 Ha under vine, planted in 2016:
Cabernet franc    1.87Ha      Cabernet Sauvignon    5.16Ha      Merlot    2.52Ha      Petit Verdot   1.14Ha